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Maintaining a dense  lawn mowed at the proper height can reduce annual weeds significantly. Lawns should be mowed at the highest recommended setting of 3 1/2″ . Cutting with a sharp mower blade is cleaner and heals faster than tearing caused by a dull blade. Change directions each time, and mow in the evening to reduce stress.

The best time to water your lawn is in the morning hours and at the proper levels of moisture. Consistent watering is essential to proper lawn maintenance. Avoid puddles and runoff of irrigation..

Aeration allows better movement of air, water and nutrients and reduces compaction and thatch. It is also an excellent practice before fall overseeding.

The most effective methods are baiting and trapping due to feeding habits of moles. Repellants can be effective if label instructions are strictly followed. Earthworms constitute 85% of their diet.

Watering after a treatment is dependent on the type of treatment and conditions of the environment. Follow guidance provided by KC Diamond Lawn.

Most generally 2 to 4 hours however, it is best to follow the instructions proved by KC Diamond Lawn.

Yes lawn applications are effective and safe. KC Diamond Lawn uses the most effective and safest pesticides in the treatment of your lawn. It is important to properly follow the instructions provided.

Professional lawn care will afford you the best care for a dense lawn. It is important to work with KC Diamond Lawn for proper maintenance of your lawn.

Blends of turf type tall fescues or a mixture of tall fescues with a small amount of Kentucky blue grass are recommended for Missouri and Kansas.

Fertilization is necessary for plant growth and maintenance.